Description - West Main Realignment

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The West Main Street Realignment project runs from the west city limits of Kelso at West Cowlitz Way to the west end of the Allen Street Bridge at 1st Street.

The final Corridor Report was delivered in late May 2010 and is now available. The City Council selected Alignment 3A as the alternative for primary focus. This alternative provides for improvements on 1st Street (SR-411) and on West Main from 1st to 2nd; a “crossover” between 2nd Street and 4th Street, moving the primary alignment from West Main to Catlin Street; and widening Catlin from 4th to West Cowlitz Way (SR 410) with improvements at the Catlin/Cowlitz Way intersection.

The following map illustrates the “project footprint” in more detail.

(Click on the image to download for more detail.)


With the receipt of the TIB grant, Phase I and Phase II have been combined into Project 1. The project is now broken into two phases for construction: 

  • Project 1 – Improvements on 1st (SR 411) and from 1st to 2nd, the crossover from 2nd to 4th, restriping on Catlin, and revisions to the Catlin and Ocean Beach Highway intersection.
  • Project 2 – Widening on Catlin from 4th to Ocean Beach Highway.

The most recent presentation information is shown on the following page:

March 1, 2011 – Council Workshop Presentation

The engineering consulting firm of Otak, Inc. is nearing completion of the preliminary design (commonly referred to as 30% design) and the environmental analysis. Right-of-way acquisition of is expected to begin summer 2011.