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Capital Improvement Program(3.93 MB) 04/10/2018
Catlin Park Preliminary Landscape Costs(213.88 KB) 03/30/2018
Catlin Park Proposed Preferred Master Plan(311.23 KB) 03/30/2018
Kelso Park Facility Plan - February 2018(10.09 MB) 03/07/2018
Kelso Park Plan - Presentation to City Council(2.94 MB) 03/07/2018
Combination Inlet(68.26 KB) 02/27/2018
Grate Inlet Type 2(651.91 KB) 02/27/2018
Circular Frame (Ring) and Cover(46.47 KB) 02/27/2018
Rectangular Frame(208.14 KB) 02/27/2018
Manhole Type 1(31.2 KB) 02/27/2018
Welded Grates for Grate Inlet(185.24 KB) 02/27/2018
Connection Details for Dissimilar Culvert Pipe(348.45 KB) 02/27/2018
Pipe Zone Bedding & Backfill(233.25 KB) 02/27/2018
Miscellaneous Details for Drainage Structures(237.42 KB) 02/27/2018
Rectangular Vaned Grate(197.81 KB) 02/27/2018
Storm Drain General Notes(287.17 KB) 02/23/2018
Trench Drain to Bioretention Facility(233.85 KB) 02/23/2018
Curb Inlet(161.93 KB) 02/23/2018
Catch Basin Type 1(261.49 KB) 02/23/2018
Bioretention Curb Extension Planting Plan(340.36 KB) 02/23/2018